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The Oakland Police want to interview you.

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An interview is the police questioning you about the offences they want to charge you with. Let that sink in. I repeat "that they want to charge your with." The interview will take place in an interview room in the police station and will most likely be be taped, even if they say this is off the record, it's not. Remember if they had a rock solid case against you, they would not need to interview you. What is really happening here is that they are building their case against you. That is why you should always remain silent

An interview is only for the benefit of the Oakland Police. Remember that, no good can come from an interview with the police as far as your case is concerned. 

The Oakland Police want to prosecute you for whatever charge they can stick on you. An interview is a no-win situation. For your benefit, the only thing to be said in an interview is “No comment, I want to speak to my attorney”.

Remember: They can’t legally force you to speak. You have the right to remain silent - use it.

Beware of attempts to interview you in the police car or cell etc. as all interviews are most likely recorded. The police may try to pretend you confessed before the taped interview. Again say “No comment, I want to speak to my attorney”.

Bonding out of jail will put you in a much better position with regards to fighting your case and limiting the police's access to you.

Remember the following:

  1. Bond out
  2. Remain silent
  3. Talk to your attorney

Bail - It's what we do. 

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