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It's July and your excited about the up coming 4th of July celebration at your friends house. Fire works, friends, beer, food, music and good times. You get to your buddies house a little early and he asks you along for a last minute beer run. No problem, you and two other buds head out. You think a quick run to the store, pick up some beer and your back to the party. But wait on the way back your friend is stopped by the local police and questioned about rolling through a stop sign. In California it's called the California stop - not coming to a complete stop. Your sitting in the passenger seat, you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Lets fast forward fifteen minutes into the story because you did not know your right to remain silent you now find yourself in hand cuffs in the back seat of a police car.  

What happened? One minute you are at a party twenty minutes later you're on your way to jail in the back of a police car. Oh no this story does not end here, this is real life on how easy it is to be arrested. Take the time now to scan in my contact information just in case something like this happens to you or your loved one in the future. Here is our contact information on our web page. We have included a QR SCAN CODE to make it very easy for you to scan our contact info into your smart phone.

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Now that you have someone to call if this were to happen to you lets continue with our story. The charges:

PC 18710(A) F - Possession of a destructive device

Wait a minute here, you did not have a destructive device, how were you charged? Well when the police were searching your friends car they found destructive devices (fire works) in the trunk. When the police question your friends they all denied knowing anything about the "bombs" in the trunk so the police charged everyone for them. Now you and your friend are getting mad. "This is BS" and  other choice words are exchanged with the police. 

PC 18730 F - this charge is also added. Since you have a lot of bombs (fire works) in the trunk the police charge all of you with transporting  with intent to sell destructive devices.

PC594 - Vandalism. The police also find some used spray paint cans in the trunk that match some local graffiti.

PC148 - Resisting arrest - this charge is also thrown in for the verbal exchange with the arresting officer.

You're booking into the Fremont Jail and your bail is set at over one million dollars. You have no idea how this could of happen,  you don't know how bail works or what all of this even means. You have never been arrested before in your life. Before this story gets any worse lets call 510 Bail Bond to bond our loved one out before they are transferred to the Santa Jail.........

This story is ongoing and happens through out California and the rest of the U.S. Names and the stories are changed but this does happen more often then one would think. 510 Bail Bond agents can walk you through your options regarding bail and your freedom. When you or your loved ones are arrested, make your first call to 510 Bail Bond.

Bail - It's what we do.  


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