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Question: You have just been arrested in Oakland by the Oakland Police. The Oakland PD wants you to answer some questions back at the station. Should I tell my side of the story?

Answer: If the Oakland police think they have enough evidence against you they will not need to interview you. For example, in most arrests they rely on witness statements, Police or bystanders, you won’t even be interviewed. Also if they have arrested you and other people, they will try to get you to implicate the others. They are also trying to get the others to turn on you. Your best defense is to keep quite.  The more convictions the police get the better it makes them look as far as solving crime goes. As more crimes are solved and more convictions are obtained this puts the police in a better light with the public. Before you even say a word, the police are telling you that they have a weak case against you by setting up the interview. Keeping quite will keep you in the driver’s seat. Know your rights, you have the right to remain silent

Question: So if the Oakland police want to interview me, it shows I could be in a good position?

Answer:  They may not have enough evidence, and hope you’ll implicate yourself or other people. They are using you to build a case against you. Don’t help them build their care. Keep quiet.

Question: If the Oakland PD is trying to interview me I’m in a strong position?

Answer: For the most part yes. The case they have against you is weak.  Refuse to answer any question. Ask for your attorney to be present for any questions. And stick to it. No comment, I want to remain silent, I want my attorney present before answerings any questions. Stay in a strong position - refuse to be drawn into a conversation and answer with the above comments to any questions the Oakland Police may ask.

Question: But what if the Oakland police shows me the evidence and it looks like they have got something on me? Wouldn’t it be best to explain away the circumstances I was arrested in, so they’ll let me go?

Answer: The only evidence that matters is the evidence presented in court. The only place to explain your side of the story is in court. Nothing else matters, if the Oakland Police decided to hold you, no amount of explaining will get you out. Only bail from 510 Bail Bond can release you. Keep quiet, use your right to bail and give 510 Bail Bond a call to arrange your bail.   If the police have some evidence against you, anything you say can only add to it. When the Oakland police interview someone, they do all they can to confuse and intimidate you. The questions may not be all related to the crime. They are experts at this. They have home field advantage until you bond out. Oakland PD will soften you up, get you talking, and before you know it, you may give them something they can use against you. Keep quite, no small talk, back talk or any kind of talk with the Oakland PD.  Put space between you and the Oakland Police by putting 510 Bail Bond to work for you. Bond out and work on your case as a free man.

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