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510 Bail Bond has Oakland bail bond agents standing by to serve you in your time of need. No need to pack up the kids, our bondsmen will come to you. It does not matter what jail your love one is in we have Oakland bail bond agents that can service the Oakland Jail or the Santa Rita Jail at a moments notice.  

Quick response times for all Bail Bonds in Oakland

510 Bail Bond Oakland agents are mobile and most likely already at the jail conducting bail. Your a phone call away from having your loved one bonded out. You also can enjoy the convenience of having one of our bail agents come to you. We'll walk you through the forms that are needed and answer all your questions. With 510 Bail Bond you have a partner you can trust. Your freedom is in our hands, we will make sure your free to fight your case.

Professional Service: our Oakland Bail Bond Agents are full of information

Have you ever wondered what happens when you are arrested in Oakland? You have just been arrested. What should you do?

1) Keep quiet. Do not admit or deny anything. Remember you have the right to remain silent - use it. Take a look at this video:

Pay attention to the police interview toward the end of the video. Do you know what is happening here? Every time a police officer is interviewing a subject he his building his case. If you are the suspect, talking to the police will not help your case at all, it can only hurt it.  Read more....


 The Oakland Jail 

The Oakland Jail is located at 

Oakland Jail  

550 – 6th Street 
Oakland, CA 94607 

 510-760-9409 - Bail Bond information for the Oakland Jail


 Bail Bonds at the Oakland Jail 

All bail is handled at the bail bond desk at the Oakland Jail 

510-760-9409 Bail Bond Desk


We have Oakland Bail Bond Agents when you need them. 

  510 Bail Bond Oakland bail agents are on call 24/7. You can always reach a bail agent when needed. 




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