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If you find your loved one in the Berkeley jail think about this. To a surgeon, in every operation someone’s life is at stake. To an attorney, in every trial someone’s liberty or money is at stake. To a bondsman at our Berkeley locations, every bond posted your freedom is granted. We will not leave your freedom to chance. we are in business for your freedom. At 510 Bail Bond we work hard to ensure your freedom. We do not concern our self with how or why your loved one is behind bars at the Berkeley jail. We are about freedom, yours, your brothers or any other loved one who may be in jail. Don't trust you freedom with just anyone. Call the licensed bail agents of 510 Bail Bond to ensure their release. We are experts in the area of bail and are familiar with the Berkeley jail's and other local Bay Area jail's bail bonding process. 

Bail Bonds in Berkeley

Bail in the City of Berkeley at the Berkeley jail is handled 24/7. 510 Bail Bond can conduct bail 24/7 at the Berkeley jail. The bail process takes less then 30 minutes and can be handled over the phone, or in person. We make it easy, 510 Bail agents will come to you - house calls for bail. You may down load the Bail Application fill it out, scan and e-mail back to one of our bail agents for over the phone bail. Yes, it's that easy.

Cost of Bail in Berkeley

The City of Berkeley does not have a tax on bail bond services for the Berkeley jail. If posting bail for an inmate at the Berkeley jail with out the services of a Bail Bondsmen, the jail will require the full bail amount to be paid. The fees for bail are set by the California Department of Insurance. 510 Bail Bond's bail fees are set at 10% of the total bond amount and are discounted if a private attorney is attained prior to bail. Forms of payment accepted at 510 Bail Bond - Cash, cashiers check and payment plans can be arranged. Call us for more details.

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Bail - It's what we do. 

You freedom is what we provide. 


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