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If you cannot post the full amount for bail once it has been set by the judge, you will need to stay in custody until your court date. Let 510 Bail Bond in Oakland, bail your loved one out at only 10% of the bond. As an alternative of paying the full amount, you can consider 510 Bail Bonds in Oakland to secure your release from custody at only 10% of the bond amount. A 510 Bail Bondsmen in Oakland will offer their services and will post the full amount of your bail in exchange for a 10% bail bond fee. Your freedom is a phone call away – Give 510 Bail Bond a call. 510-760-9409.

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Our Bail Bond Service in Oakland

For our costumers that live in Oakland – good news - we have bail bond agents that are moments away from the Oakland Jail. 510 Bail Bond services the bail bond needs of the City of Oakland and all Bay Area jails. Our Oakland bail bond agents are conveniently located minutes away from jails to offer our customers a quick and easy way to get bail bonds. Our bail agents in Oakland are known for their professionalism; they are highly trained in providing bail bonds services, obtaining inmate information, and will even make house calls to complete the bail bond process. We will make it easy for you to have your loved one home tonight. 

 Bail Bonds Oakland

If you need a bail bonds in Oakland, we can help. Contact 510 Bail Bond’s Oakland bail bonds office by calling (510) 760-9409.  We are able to do bail by phone, payment by credit card or a payment plan either way we will work it out so that your loved one is home tonight. We work for you and your freedom, give us a call to make that happen. 


Bail – It’s what we do. 


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