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Maguire Correctional Jail See map
300 Bradford
Redwood City Ca 94063
510-760-9409 Bail desk


AKA The Maguire Jail


FAQs About Bail 

Q. What is bail?

A. Bail is some form of property (for example: cash or a Bond) that someone else pledges they will give the court guaranteeing the defendant does appear in court for all proceedings and trials. It is a constitutional right of every prisoner. Some inmates may not be eligible for bail, due to the nature of their offense or the severity of the crime with which they have been charged.

Q. How do I get a bail bond posted in Redwood City?

A. If an inmate is eligible for bail, there are two ways to post bail.

The first is to post a cash bond. The Maguire Jail will require you to pay the full bail amount. Simply bring the amount of bail to the cashiers window located in the lobby of the jail, and the staff member will assist you. Remember all cash money will be recorded and reported to the IRS.

The second way to post bail for an inmate is to use 510 Bail Bond Agency. We are able to take care of the full process. 510 Bail Bond only requires payment of 10% of the bond amount. You may pay by cash, bank cashiers check or most major credit cards. We make paying the bond much eaiser. The Sheriff’s Office is prohibited by law from referring business to bail agencies. You can call us at 510-760-9409 we are a California Department of insurance License Bail Bond Company approved for all bail bonds at the Maguire Jail in Redwood City and through out the State of California.

Q. What happens after 510 Bail Bond posts your bail in Redwood City?

A. After 510 Bail Bond posts a bond in Redwood City, that person is allowed to leave jail until s/he is required to come to court for scheduled proceedings and trials.

Bail - It's what we do.  

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