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Visiting Dress Code Guidelines

Visitors must be fully and appropriately dressed with shoes. The following are NOT allowed: 

  • Head Coverings (Exceptions will be made for religious head wear)
  • Transparent, spaghetti strap, strapless, halter, bare midriff, tank or “sling shorts” shirts or tops
  • Mini-skirt or shorts (must be as long as the bottom of the fingertips when arms are placed at a person’s side
  • Gang related clothing or accessories
  • Attire displaying obscene or offensive language or drawings
  • Orange clothing that resembles custody-issued inmate clothing
  • Clothing worn in a way that undergarments are intentionally revealed


Visitors in violation of the listed restrictions will be given an opportunity to rectify the problem; however visiting time will not be extended. The Facility Watch Commander will have the final authority regarding appropriateness of an individual’s attire.

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