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The Fremont Jail


The Fremont Jail: 2000 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont Ca.

510 Bail Bond provides 24/7 bail bonds service to the Fremont jail. We have local bail bonds agents who can set an appointment to meet with you to answer all your bail bonds questions. Explore the Fremont bail bond process or give 510 Bail Bonds a call to arrange for your loved ones release. After arrest inmates are held at the Fremont Jail until their court date. Clients that bond out of the Fremont jail with 510 Bail Bond avoid being transferred to the Santa Rita Jail and fight their case as a free person. Most people arrested in Fremont have to appear at the Fremont Hall of Justice. The bail bond process in Fremont is very serious business and it pays to have experts like 510 Bail Bond on your side when arranging for bail. 

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