Bail Bonds in Fremont

Bail Bonds Fremont


We provide quick and discreet bail services to many people in need from jails around the Bay Area including the Fremont Jail, Sacramento Jail, Santa Rita Jail, Hayward Jail, Maguire Jail, Berkeley Jail, San Jose Jail and more though out the state of California. 

The Fremont jail Facility is a Type-I jail with a capacity of 96 prisoners and a total of 54 beds. After arrest you will be booked into the Fremont jail. The Fremont jail is responsible for the temporary care and safe custody of persons arrested or detained by the Fremont Police Department prior to arraignment in court or transfer to the Alameda County jail (aka Santa Rita Jail). Aside from booking, housing, and releasing of pretrial prisoners, the Detention Facility also provides other services, such as court-ordered bookings, registrant bookings, and Live Scan services.

Fremont Bail Bonds hours of operation for the Fremont Jail:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Fremont Jail is currently located to the rear of the Police Department building, south of Stevenson Boulevard

Give us a call 510-760-9409 for all your bail bond needs 

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