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New Bill AB 510BB


I was wondering how the public could be protected against unlawful arrest or just plain abuse of power by law enforcement. I'm a bail bondsmen owner of 510 Bail Bond in Fremont California and have noticed a marked increase of resisting arrest charges that the DA does not pursue. This has led me to believe that if a case is not worth pursuing by the DA it's most likely not a win-able case for them. Lack of evidence, not a strong case, not likely to prevail in a court of law therefore the DA does not want to pursue these charges of resisting arrest. Simply stated they are hard to win from a DA stand point and another cause of jail over crowding. However, law enforcement is using the PC148 charge as a last resort when they want to arrest someone but don't know what to charge them with. Get him for resisting is usually muttered when no other charges are apparent. Many PC148 charges that are dropped are the result of the citing officer losing his composure and wanting to flex his power and show the public who is in charge. This is done at a cost to the public. The arrested citizen is booked into jail and needs to post  bail or wait to see a judge before being set free. The cost of bail and the time spent in jail by the citizen are not reimbursed. Basically the officer can arrest at will with no concern of repercussion by the public.  

AB 510BB - This bill would reimburse bail cost for those who have been arrested but no charges filed or pursued. Hopefully this will be seen as a balance for the public against unnessary and costly arrest. 

Bail - It's what we do. 

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