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Why you should not talk to the Oakland Police

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1) Talking to the Oakland Police will not help you.

A) Anything you say can and will be used against you. When the Oakland police want to talk to you they already think you are guilty, they just don't have enough evidence against you. They are working on their case against you. Remain silent, do not help the Oakland police build their case against you. Also by remaining silent your bail amount will be lower. No added charges = cheaper bail bond fee to bail out. 

2) Even if your guilty and want to confess - don't talk to the Oakland police. Get a bail bond first.

A) Many people feel that they have to confess, admit their wrong doing and feel better about telling the truth. Don't do it. Remain silent. There will be a time to tell the truth, it's just not when the police are interviewing you. You will receive a harsher sentence if you confess to the Oakland Police, also your bail amount will be set higher. If you want to confess, wait until after you talk with your attorney, he most likely will get you a lighter sentence or perhaps some other deal were you do not serve any time. 

3) If you are not guilty, 100% innocent - still you should not talk to the Oakland police. Bail out of the Oakland Jail with a bail bond.

A) Why you may ask? I'm innocent what can go wrong? The answer is many things can go wrong. They may ask you where you were yesterday at 3:45pm. You can or you can't remember exactly were you were but you thought you were at the store about that time. Well, the Oakland Police have a witness that said they saw you across town driving by in your car. The witness maybe mistaken. They saw a car that looked like yours and they thought it was yours, that's all it takes to start to build their case against you. Now it looks like you are lying. Next thing you know you are trying to explain yourself regarding your where about. Better to remain silent, then they have nothing.


4) Even if you are 100% innocent and you tell exactly what just happened, you still should not talk to the police. Bail out of Jail before working on your case.


a) Have you ever tried to recall what happened six month ago? Now the Oakland police may come at you with, "Well you gave us a statement and you told us that's exactly what happened. Now you are telling us a sightly different story." Seems to us that your not really sure what happened. Can you see where this is going? Now you have some explaining to do. Why put yourself in this mess, remain silent and explain yourself after talking with your attorney. 


5. If you told the truth and it had nothing to do with you, you still should not of talked to the Oakland police.


a) The Oakland police are interviewing you regarding a murder. Status: You are 100% innocent. You had nothing to do with it, what could go wrong? Again, allot can go wrong. First off the Oakland police think you are guilty or believe that you know something regarding the murder. They start their questioning, "How did you know Sam?" "What did you think of him?" To you, these seem like innocuous questions but to the Oakland police they are pointed questions to build motive.  When you told the Oakland police that you did not like Sam, you thought he was a jerk, even if Sam was a jerk you have now just given the Oakland police motive as to why this murder could of happened. For the next two hours you find yourself answering questions as to why you disliked Sam. Save yourself, don't talk to the Oakland police. Wait until your attorney is present before answering any questions.  


6. Tell us your side of the story and maybe we can cut a deal. Still do not talk to the Oakland police.


a) This is just a lie. The Oakland police don't have the power to cut you any deal. The court, your attorney and the district attorney are in the business of cutting deals. The Oakland police can not. Your best bet is to remain silent.


7. Try to remember what you told the Oakland police when in court six months later. Your story will be a little different from that at the scene. 

a) Bail out with 510 Bail Bond and then start working on your case as a free person. 


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