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Logo in BlackCongratulations! You have reached a top rated bail bond company servicing the Bay Area and the city of Oakland's bail bond needs. 510 Bail Bond has local Oakland based bail bondsmen to assist you with your bail bonds needs. We will work for you! No bail is too big or too small. After arrest in Oakland you will either be booked into the Glenn Dyer Jail or sent to the Santa Rita Jail for booking. 510 Bail Bond has agents through out the East Bay and the greater Bay Area. San Jose, San Mateo, Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland out to Sacramento, 510 Bail Bond has your bail bonds covered. 

Bail - It's what we do.

Key points to have in mind when calling a Oakland Bail Bondsman: 

***Do not talk to anyone about your case, bond out first ***

What to do if the Oakland Police what to interview you.

7 Reasons not to talk to the Oakland Police. Bail first.

  1. Inmates full name
  2. Inmates date of birth
  3. What Jail is he or she in?
  4. What are the charges?
  5. Date of the arrest
  6. Bail amount
  7. Have the Bail Application filled out, to speed up the Bail Bond process


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